Friend with depression

Where two or more are gathered in His name....
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Friend with depression

Post by Brigid »

Pray for Sarah, please. She intends to take her life.

Many of us know what hopelessness feels like. May God send her His peace, a respite from her sorrows. May she receive enough hope to grab tight to it, to begin fighting to live. May she choose to fight. May she win.
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Friend with depression

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Friend with depression

Post by JimVH »

Praying, B.
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Friend with depression

Post by Biff »

Prayers offered up...
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Friend with depression

Post by Jocose »

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Friend with depression

Post by Hugo Drax »

Been there. Praying.
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Friend with depression

Post by Del »

Praying for Sarah, and those who suffer with her.
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Friend with depression

Post by Hovannes »

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Friend with depression

Post by Bloodhound »

Praying now
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Friend with depression

Post by FredS »


Know this Miss B - - - whatever happens with your friend, it's not on you. People slip away every day no matter how much their friends and loved ones try to stop it. Simply by bringing her here for prayer, you're doing a powerful thing.
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