The End of Chevron Deference

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The End of Chevron Deference

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The Supreme Court recently overruled a practice called "Chevron Deference." The old rule allowed executive-branch agencies to re-interpret Congressional statutes pretty much however they wished. The result was that Presidents were able to dictate however they wanted by Executive Order, and citizens hoped that maybe a Court would hold the tyranny in check.

Remember when Biden tried to use OSHA to force every employer to fire any employee who didn't want the covid vaccines?
And how Biden wants the EPA to pick a number and cap the national production of CO2? Hit the limit, shut down the nation.

New rule: Agencies are constrained to do what Congress intended back when the statute was passed. New mandates must come from Congress.

Lefties are aghast at this loss of sweeping power.

Here is a long-ish article from the leftist perspective.

In Tossing Chevron, the Supreme Court Handcuffs Biden and Every Future President

If you don't want to read the whole thing, here are the sub-headlines regarding major policies affected:
Student debt relief could crumble

Forget about policing artificial intelligence without Congress

Good luck clamping down on carbon emissions

Judges could upend almost everything about health care

Protections for transgender students could fall by the wayside

Efforts to support pregnant workers who seek abortions may end

Another hurdle for ‘net neutrality’

Biden’s plan to tackle ‘corporate greed’ of food companies could be in jeopardy
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The End of Chevron Deference

Post by Hovannes »

A good thing!
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The End of Chevron Deference

Post by FredS »

It's astonishing if we clear our heads for a moment and consider what Presidents - they've all been getting worse, Biden is the worst simply because of the momentum the office has gained - have done with a single signature over the last couple decades. Two areas I've been particularly focused on lately is over reach by OSHA (because it impacts my day job) and the ATF (because it impact our 2A rights). The SCOTUS has been a mixed bag lately with rulings on the overreach by the ATF and states in regards to second amendment restrictions. It's interesting and encouraging though, that justices have been switching sides - liberal/conservative - on the rulings I've been watching so it seems like they're ruling on legal interpretation of laws and the constitution rather than on who put them in office.
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