Gun Control 2022

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Gun Control 2022

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Never, ever, go under recommended charges for magnum rounds. Even if your wife complains that it's 'scary'.

You'll end up with squibs.
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Sir Moose
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Gun Control 2022

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Hovannes wrote: 23 Sep 2022, 05:26
Troubadour wrote: 22 Sep 2022, 21:22
Hovannes wrote: 22 Sep 2022, 21:20
Not quite.
More or less. The system of law is what it is regardless of whether or not one cares about some "old dead guys". That was the entire point.

But then again, the average person is so illiterate on the fundamentals of the laws of their land that it'll probably fall on dead ears.
That "system for getting things done" relies entirely on technologies which the "old dead guys" couldn't have imagined.
That argument holds more weight if you write it with quill and ink or a printing press and have it delivered by horseback to everybody you want to read it.
Sunday School Teacher
Sunday School Teacher
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Gun Control 2022

Post by Hovannes »

Troubadour wrote: 24 Sep 2022, 02:11 .

Whether or not Congress is writing their bills with inkwells or typing them on Microsoft Word has no bearing on the systems of law in question.
Until the grid fails.
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