Spyderco service is pretty darned good!

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Spyderco service is pretty darned good!

Post by Hovannes »

FWIW I'm not a fan of expensive knives----especially expensive pocketknives as I tend to lose them, but there are exceptions of course, and I tend to take extra care of the more costly ones---I still have my Buck Hunter I bought in the 1970s.
Sadly my circa 1980s Leatherman is MIA.
But sometimes a knife's design is so specific I find it warrants spending the extra loot.

When I was on the SAR unit, a Spyderco Rescue was one such knife. If you have a mule wreck or a string of pack mules are exploding on a narrow trail or crossing at a swift ford, there's no knife I'd rather have for cutting the lines and freeing mantys than a Spyderco Rescue---great on seat belts, too.
Anyway the Rescue was my gateway drug for the Spyderco brand, but man, Spydercos are 'spensive! So I only have one other Spyderco, a Delica.
I bought it for trips to Los Angeles for visiting my daughter, as the blade is just shy of the maximum legal length for pocket knives in LA.
When her work brought her back to town, I used the Delica (renamed Pierre Delicto after Mitt Romney's infamous nom de plume) for a variety of uses just because it was so convenient to carry.
Now my daughter is moving back to LA and Pierre Delicto needs to return to it's original role as a potential inner city back off, dude influencer.
Pierre was looking a little dull and grubby after it's tour of duty in the garden harvesting Zucchinis and opening cardboard boxes.

One of the Spyderco's features is lifetime free sharpening for the cost of return shipping ($5) so I sent it off to the mothership in Golden, Colorado and in a couple of days Pierre returned home, not only wickedly sharp but in gleaming like new condition. Wow! I didn't expect it to look so good and return so fast!
I guess that makes it worth the extra coin.
I'm satisfied anyway.
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Spyderco service is pretty darned good!

Post by Biff »

It's good to be satisfied.
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Spyderco service is pretty darned good!

Post by Del »

You sure know how to get your money's worth from your toys!

You are an inspiration to us all, Hov!
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Spyderco service is pretty darned good!

Post by Bloodhound »

I have been a Spyderco fan since my academy graduation. My wife bought me one that I had picked out for my duty knife. I rode in my uniform every day I worked the road. I bought a non clip model when I went went to work as a DA Investigator. I retired the duty knife, to keep from loosing it. I have a couple of Deleca models, one with a Glock Pin Tool that they made in partnership with Glock, I have a ManBug, and an Endura.

I like to give close co-workers a Spyderco when they retire.
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Spyderco service is pretty darned good!

Post by JimVH »

Bloodhound wrote: 05 Jun 2023, 08:43 ... one with a Glock Pin Tool...
Triggered (pun intended). I'm on the hunt.
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