Stock Trading

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Stock Trading

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sweetandsour wrote: 22 Nov 2022, 09:37 The Fidelity analysts, with their charts, say we are in for a very immediate move, either up or down. My FA says SPX will be back at 3700 by the first of the year when the interest rates really begin to take effect and we begin to experience the expected recession. I think most of the experts are bearish, still.
That makes sense. The sovereign fundamentals are all bad to awful. I expect some more UP before it hits the fan, but our future is DOWN. I reckon that after the holiday season lay-offs, the earnings season will bring a lot of bad news.

Reports of industry lay-offs will be big news, and once they gain some momentum the market will react. But the stock market sometimes cheers for lay-offs, as cost-cutting can boost the bottom line.

Today: Entertainment Giants And Media Companies Announce Massive Layoffs
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