Leather belts...

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Leather belts...

Post by jmg »

I'm in need of a leather belt to that could work for semi-formal/business'esque look. Something I can wear with khakis that will look nice enough, but not suit-fancy.

I'm sick of cheap Target type belts that deteriorate quickly. I'd like to keep up under 50 bucks. Any of you guys know of somewhere to look?
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Leather belts...

Post by JimVH »


Their stock fluctuates, but they usually have nice looking, heavy CCW belts on hand at decent prices.
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Leather belts...

Post by Hovannes »

I've got a few Hank's Belts
A little pricey but sometimes they have deals
Hugo Drax
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Leather belts...

Post by Hugo Drax »

You're a southern gentleman, JMG. I'd recommend needlepoint. They're fun and inexpensive.

If you want leather, Jim hit the nail on the head...go gun belt or craftsman made leather at a craft festival. If all else fails, go to a local western tack shop. Their belts are high quality and last eons and usually there's a thin plain model in and among the western stuff. Remember it's expensive to be poor but cheap to be rich...don't grudge the money because these things will last decades of daily wear and cheap belts last months even if you baby them.

With the exception of tobacco which I can no longer source for my own shop (up yours, STG and Laudisi!!), I'd rather hand cash to a flesh-and-blood person than buy online, but that's something for noone to care about.
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Leather belts...

Post by Bloodhound »

I have a CCW belt that I bought when I left patrol and moved into investigations. That was almost 20 years ago...wore it yesterday. I got it from an LE supply house that is now out of business, and wore it 5 days a week...it is my work plainclothes belt. I think I paid like $60 at the time...but it has sure been worth it.

FieldSupply or Hanks are very good.

Also try this place...I have used their gear for years

https://www.donhume.com/index.php?main_ ... ex&cPath=8


https://kirkpatrickleather.com/product- ... her-belts/

I use their holsters daily
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Leather belts...

Post by FredS »

Kohl's has your ticket. I go there only for belts, and only so that I can be sure to find ones that are actual leather. Of course, they're always "40% off" and if you use Mrs JMG's Kohl's cash you can find them for $30-50.
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